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The following videos are made available for your use to help guide and aid you. If you have any comments on them, please send your comments to info@wsbdc.org

SBDC Introductory Videos

Take a brief tour of the SBDC and discover who we are and what we do in Get to Know your SBDC

John Rodenberg, the local Tacoma SBDC Certified Business Advisor, discusses what you need to do to prepare for, and what you can expect from, your first visit to any of our Washington SBDC advisors in Preparing For Your First Appointment    


Instructional Videos

Business Planning    

Getting a Loan    

Understanding Financial Statements    


Export Videos

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Export Training Videos

or BIS-specific training videos at:

Exporting Commercial Items: ECCNs and EAR99

The Commerce Control List and Self-Classification

Exporting EAR99 Items

Embargoes and Sanctions

U.S. Census Bureau - Export Training Videos
The purpose of these videos is to help exporters understand the rules governing the export process and to promote awareness and are brought to you by the Census Bureau's Foreign Trade Division and the International Trade Administration. Covered topics are: Essentials of Export Controls, Deemed Exports (which are the release of controlled technology to foreign nationals inside the United States), Antiboycott Compliance (addresses foreign governments� economic boycotts of countries friendly to the U.S.) and Webinars.

"How-to" take your business global
SBA partnered Inc. Magazine and AT&T in the production and distribution of this video series. The videos are designed to help small firms that are new to exporting or looking for new markets to sell their goods and services.


IRS Videos and Webinars

IRS Videos


GlobalEdge Online Export Course Modules

Course Modules


US Commercial Service Webinars



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